Sunday, 12 February 2012


Good Evening Redditors!
 Tonight, I will be reporting to you the biggest story in this case.
Reddit has announced a new rule: No sexual or suggestive content featuring minors.
Here is the link to the post.
When or if you go to any of the reddits that have been taken down, such as the headliner of my topics /r/preteen_girls, you are greeted by the message 
"This subreddit has been banned. For more information, please see:"
User muppethead posted a list of some of the sub reddits removed:

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Preteen Girls UPDATE

Hello Again Redditors!!
 Just a quick update on the /r/preteen_girls story. Many redditors are still arguing about the subject. One of the most hard-core against the reddit posts I have seen comes from a redditor whos name will remain unknown to the blog. His or her post is titled "You Bunch Of Fucking Cunts. I Woujld Actualy Destroy You All IRL". Inside the post is "Seriously, the amount of pain I would inflict upon you is probably more illegal than the fucking disgusting shit you all fap to.
Kill yourselves etc etc". Also, other redditors have been posting things un-related to the topic of the reddit. Including a picture of a young, chubby little boy in a miniature wrestling suit. Yeah. I don't know what the fuck is going on. I think the reddit is getting out of hand. Thats all for today. Bye!


Welcome Back, Folks!
Hey guys, it's usernameTROLL here once again to bring you some reddit, BREAKING NEWS!
Redditors are shocked because, 17 days ago, redditor tessoro created a sub-reddit which is SURE to go down in reddit history. That's right, friends. /r/preteen_girlsNow, I'm not going to type ANY of my personal opinions about this reddit. I'm thirteen myself, so honestly, I can see this shit at my school five days a week in gym class. But many redditorts have different opinions. For instance, redditor AntonScoresby had this to say on the sub-reddit. He or she obviously doesn't like the idea. But blasphemy5678 had a very different opinion on the subject. blasphemy5678 even added in her post to /r/preteen_girls "And on another note, why isn't there a Preteen Boys subreddit????. The Preteen Boys reddit has been made, so don't jump at this opportunity to have only 10 readers. As for preteen girls, they have 377 readers AND COUNTING. People have always commented "I'm on the weird side of YouTube again". Well, welcome to the weird side of reddit. (even thought there IS wtf, which has weird fucking shit on it).
Reporting to my redditing friends, this is usernameTROLL. 
Have a good evening.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Reddit Goes Down, Update Tomorrow?

Hello Redditors!
So I went to reddit tonight at 3:00 am Jan. 20th, 2012 only to see this^^
Since reddit is down, that could mean there are some new updates to the reddit website. This is just a quick post. So i'm done.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pickles, Bananas And Facebook.

Hello There My Fellow Redditor!
For it is I, the great usernameTROLL, back to my blogging station! 
This is just a quick Banana vs Pickle Update. I have received all enemies and allies for each team. I will post them now in confidential style. Here We Go.
/r/trees /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu /r/fifthworldproblems /r/fifthworldpics /r/eggplant /r/shittingadvice /r/circlejerk /r/circlejerkpdx /r/LifeAquatic /r/Animals /r/Green /r/peaches /r/lobster /r/pancake  /r/4chan  


/r/pickle /r/trees /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu /r/circlejerk

Well, Thats all for now but please return later.
Also, I have created a Facebook page for this blog. I am trying to figure out how to install a Like Box on the blog, but for now please just go to this link. It only takes a couple seconds and it helps me know that you're out there reading this, so here is the link. 

SOPA, Pickles And Bananas.

Aloha Redditors! Welcome back to my blog of pure fricken awesome! I have alot t get through in this post, so lets get to it, shall we. Now first of all, lets talk about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). I am not going to give a giant explaination on SOPA, but I will refer you to a couple links. Here is the blog.reddit post about it:
Here is the Wikipedia column:
So anyway, what really got to most of us redditors today (And made us get some work done) was the fact that reddit went dark for 12 hours today. Personally, that really sucked. I do want to here what you thought about, so please share in the comments. Now lets move on from bad, to WORSE.
As you have probably heard, there is a new war starting. No, no countries are involved. Just Pickles. Pickles, And Bananas.  Yes, it's true. /r/pickle Have began war against /r/banana. This war started at the hands of redditor Codeusa, who claims he "Started This War Cause He Wanted His Jar". He Was At One Point The PICKLE KING, but he offered peace with the Bananas in this post. As you can see, his name is now marked with "Deposed Pickle King" On /r/pickle and "Dicks Dicks Dicks" On /r/banana, so I imagine he feels depressed. POLITE_ALLCAPS_GUY (Best Known For Being A Mod On /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu/) Is The New Pickle King, And he said to continue this war. Banana has done nothing for peace so far. I Hope This Blog Entry Has Educated you in some way. Bye for now!

Welcome Fellow Redditors!

Hello my friends from reddit! I suppose all people reading this are redditors! My reddit name is usernameTROLL. Welcome to my brand new reddit blog! This is an unofficial, redditor made blog. This is the official reddit blog: 
Now that we got that out of our list, let me say some things.
I have never previously blogged successfully.
I really hope his blog gets popular.
I will always try to be as active as possible.
I will always encourage any readers to comment your reddit name. I will personally check out your profile. 
Well, that's about it.
Bye for now!